Key Elements of TRACKS

IDB provides an excellent platform to candidates, who wish to develop their career in Islamic financing and development banking, and want to help millions of people live a better life. Poverty alleviation and comprehensive human development are core of the IDB's mission. IDB needs highly committed, skilled and talented employees to undertake its mission. Therefore, it offers the following value proposition to attract, engage and retain the right candidates:

  • An international platform to contribute to poverty alleviation and human development
  • Work in a AAA rated multilateral development bank
  • Opportunity to work in an institution that is pioneer in Islamic banking
  • Experience in human development through Sharia compliant products and services
  • Working with internationally recognized professionals and experts
  • Career development opportunities in managerial and/or experts tracks
  • Continuous learning and development through extensive in-house and external training programs
  • Internationally competitive compensation and benefits
  • Tax free income
  • Highly Diverse workplace
  • Living in a city of high cultural and social diversity and closer to Islamic holy places

IDB considers its employees as key assets. Therefore, IDB offers opportunities to its employees to help them progress in their career on dual-track career management system. According to this system, employees can develop their career either on Managerial track or Expert track, that are parallel in terms of grades, based on their interest, competencies and potential. IDB is following 'build' strategy for the development of its human capital, which stipulates that IDB employees will have the first priority for consideration for open positions. The career management system aims to help them identify the position which they want to develop for, offer them opportunities and resources for their development on them, and encourage them to compete for those positions when they are opened before opening them for competition for external candidates. The talent review and succession planning systems are also in the pipeline for implementation, which will help identify the employees with critical skills and high potential for development in order to place them on high-potential and succession pool for accelerated development.

IDB has a cultural model that is centered around 'Client Centricity'. This model fosters development of the workplace on values, enablers and accelerators to help optimally serve our member countries and customers, by focusing on promoting, developing and levering knowledge about their needs and how we can optimally serve them. IDB cultural model is institutionalized through Management's interventions, Leadership and employees behaviours and HR systems particularly of Performance Management. Enabling values and traits embedded in the IDB cultural model are as follows:

  • Fairness, Respect and Trust
  • Drive for Results
  • Teamwork and Partnering
  • Confidence in our Abilities

In order to accelerate the above mentioned cultural enablers and traits, IDB encourages Moderate risk taking and Initiatives, Empowerment and Accountability for Results, and Intensive Learning and Innovation.  

IDB is the only multilateral development bank, which fosters social and economic development of its member countries and Muslim communities in non-member countries through Sharia compliant products. It is the only MDB that is located in South-South region, where poverty and need for development is more prevalent than any other part of the world. Its headquarters is located in the country, which offers tax-free system and living in accordance with the tenants of Islam. The compensation and benefits offered to its employees are internationally competitive, and they are periodically reviewed to maintain their competitivity in relation to international market and inflation.

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