Selection process

We receive applications all year round and processed in batches where the selection process is very selective, thorough and competitive and successful applicants are mostly graduates from the centers of excellence with Ph.Ds and Masters and GPA scores of 3.5 and above (on a scale of 4) at the Bachelor & Masters level.

The General Selection Cycle is as follows:

  • Applications are received throughout the year
  • All candidates are subjected to a comprehensive, rigorous and competitive selection process
  • The Final Selection Interviews shall be normally held at IDB HQ in Jeddah
  • Selection of the final Candidates will be carried out through an Interview Panel
  • Successful candidates will be sent an offer from the Bank and expected to join the Bank in the next six months upon acceptance of the offer
  • The IDB is an international organisation and operates from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia having the headquarters based in Jeddah. In view of this, our employment conditions are subjected to the regulations and requirements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In view of this, candidates are advised that you do not leave your current employment until a work visa invitation is approved by the Saudi authorities and forwarded to you through the Bank
  • Further process will be carried out by the Human Resources Management Department (HRMD) upon receiving the response of the candidate
  • The YP intake generally takes place in two to three batches annually
  • Depending on the period your batch is processed, you shall be informed of the status accordingly. This may take some time as we typically receive large volumes of applications each time

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