What we offer

Young Professionals shall be provided with continual support through coaching and guidance from the department they are rotated to. HRMD shall provide career and counselling support to help them in their career aspirations.

The YPP provides intensive training opportunities, a unique on-the-job training at the hand of international experts and continuous development. The YPP envisions a “total development” concept. It anchors on the 4Ts Development Model¹ encompassing the following:

  • Rotational Training with On-the-Job experience
  • YPP Training Curriculum
  • Leadership Development Program (LeadDP)
  • Sharing & Engagements with Senior Management
  • Shadowing Senior Professionals
  • Support for Professional Certifications
  • Mission Learning experience
  • Working in Teams, Committees, Task Force etc
  • Training, Transfer, Teamwork & Travel

Remunerations & Benefits

  • Basic Salary: Internationally competitive tax free salary based on education and experience of the YPs
  • COLA: Cost of living allowance as per the management’s decision
  • Transportation Allowance: Lump sum monthly payment besides basic salary
  • Spouse Allowance: 5% of basic salary if the spouse is not working.
  • Housing Allowance: To a certain maximum limit
  • Children Education Allowance: 75% of the actual costs of education to a prescribed limit
  • Air Tickets: Granted for home leave
  • Dependency Allowance: A maximum of 5 dependents
  • Medical Coverage: Medical treatment for staff members and their dependents
  • Leave: 24 working days leave for new staff members during one year in addition to 10 days casual leave to attend emergencies. YPs are only allowed to consume a maximum of 10 days annual leave once in each rotation
  • Staff Retirement Plan: Co-contribution
  • Group Personnel Accident Insurance
  • Medical Treatment Fund for Retirees: The IDB offers staff members the opportunity to participate in a medical treatment fund for retirement on a cost sharing basis
  • Relocation Travel
  • Installation Allowance
  • Relocation Shipment
  • Car Financing

The above benefits are subject to the prevailing rules & regulations of the Bank.

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