IDB1784 - Records and Documents Management Services Associate

Business Unit: Z-Do not use-Human Resources & Corporate Services
Division: Z-Do not use-Procurement and General Services Division
Department: Administrative Services Department
Contract type: Regular Staff
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 31-Jan-2017
Role: To oversee the services of Records and Documents Management (Mail Service Center, Record Center and Scanning Center ) for all IDB Group organizational units, and establish and maintain working relationships with various courier companies and outsourced services agreements..
To administer the IDB Group mail processing services for all incoming/outgoing communications (including letters, faxes, parcels, packages & other relevant materials) and all activities involved in the management of inactive records and records retention.
Activities & Accountabilities:

• Contribute in planning, developing and evaluating the services of Records and Documents Management (RDM), i.e. Mail Service Center, Record Center and Scanning Center. 
• Participate in preparing the annual budget of the the RDM services.
• Oversee the services of Records and Documents Management to ensure the efficient practice and high quality of the service.
• Entrusted with the IDB's sensitive and critical mail, and official stamp to stamp official documents, if needed.

• Ensure the proper functioning of RDM services (mail, records and scanning services centers) and the timely processes of all invoices/claims.

• Administer processing and maintaining all physical and electronic RDM services.
• Coordinate RDM services agreements and contracts with external companies including mail agreements and contracts of the courier companies. 
• Administer records centers of the Bank Group by providing secure storage and retrieval services for records.
• Administer the conversion of IDBG records and documents from paper to electronic format in coordination with concerned departments.
• Address and resolve customer/user complaints and problems.
• Control handling and disposing of obsolete files, records, or sensitive material.

• Operate and guide staff on the use of mail equipment and ensure the availability of mailing materials.

• Ensure the adherence to quality standards, deadlines, and proper procedures, correcting errors or problems in the Centers.
• Review records and documents for completeness, accuracy, and compliance with regulations.
• Recommend improvements, changes or new policies and procedures to improve service and control costs in the Centers.

• Handle confidential information and/or high value documents/items such as Islamic Dinars/long-term/multi-lateral financing agreements.

• Check, scrutinize and follow up the IDBG invoices of the courier companies and contractors.
• Coordinate settlement of the Centers’ expenses properly and timely.
• Maintain cost records of services performed for each IDBG cost center.
• Provide on-job training and make work assignments for the reporting staff.
• Provide direction and delegate tasks to junior team members/vendors.
• Assist in performance evaluation and career development of the reporting staff.
• Coach IDBG relevant staff on couriers' systems and applications.
• Continuously assess performance and undertake steps to improve the work, under guidance of the superiors.
• Educate internal clients on the RDM services policies and guidelines and provide required support.

• Prepare and submit detailed and summary reports of the Centers’ activities to the superiors.
• Advise, answer questions, and provide information for external and internal personnel and vendors.
• Maintain and report on volume of records and documents handled, distribution frequencies, and production rates.



Qualifications and Working Experience:

Field of Study :

-Business Administration or any related discipline.

Professional Experience: 

- 5 years of experience after Bachelor’s Degree
- 2 Years of experience after Master degree


Technical Skills and Necessary Knowledge:
  • Skills in usage of mailing and scanning technologies, software and equipment

  • Monitoring/Assessing performance and taking corrective actions

  • Communication Skills

  • Organization Skills

  • MS Office software

  • Ability to maintain and administer document management systems

  • Knowledge of administrative procedures and systems such as managing files and records, stenography and transcription, designing forms, and other office procedures and terminology


Other Information:
Location:  IDB HQ Offices - Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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