IDB1823 - Executive Information Specialist

Business Unit: ISFD - Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development
Function: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Contract type: Regular Staff
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 24-May-2017

To analyze information, provide technical support, prepare technical reports and follow up on technical matters related to the DG Office and instructions activities with ISFD, other IDB departments, entities and stakeholders ensuring proper resolution of issues and completion of tasks as per required standards and deadlines, and provide information support to the DG advisor at all stages of the process.


Key Activites:
  • Administer log of all the DG instructions whether verbal/ written or in the form of administrative instructions, internal circular etc. related to technical matters and ISFD initiatives

  • Create a follow up Agenda for the ISFD business issues, according to the DG and DG Advisor appointments/considerations, minutes of meetings, letters/ memos, mail, lectures, visit reports, speeches, external and public activities of the ISFD.

  • Follow up and coordinate, continuously, on the DG Office technical business issues within ISFD and with other IDB departments/ offices/ affiliates and with the external stakeholders for smooth flow of work and documents.

  • Monitor timelines, resolve/adjust, and report delays and bottlenecks if any, to the concerned.

  • Oversee and manage the technical tasks related to the processing, storage, and retrieval of all communication directed to the DG or his Advisor ensuring necessary record keeping and documentation.

  • Screen and brief specific technical matters requiring immediate attention with instructions on required necessary action to be taken.

  • Monitor the preparation of briefs and executive summaries on technical matters and initiatives to facilitate and expedite the decision-making by the DG. all the business requirements for technical matters of the DG Office are met.

  • Develop and maintain a documentation management and follow-up system for important technical assignments and managing meetings and travel schedules. C

  • Come up with ideas and initiatives to enhance the quality of the follow up process and the overall technical activities of the ISFD.

  • Provide analytical support to the Advisor by Submitting a periodical responsiveness report, showing the departments’ offices/affiliates responsiveness in order to improve the level of responsiveness in the Complex.

  • Provide a ready reference to the Advisor on the Complex’s activities and pending issues by monitoring the process of data and information management related to all communication originated from the DG, the actions taken by individual departments and the necessary follow up activities.

  • Review executive technical reports submitted by any department and division for the DG or his Advisor attention and ensure preparation of required executive briefs.

  • Keep abreast of Poverty Alleviation Funds new initiatives, programs, projects adopted and implemented by other Multilateral Development Banks, NGOs, and private institutions especially in the area of resource mobilization and new programs for the poor, and provide all necessary information to the Advisor in order to study the possibility of its implementation in ISFD.

  • Document and report all communication made by the DG and his Advisor in the form of instructions or memorandums to individual departments requiring action to be taken by the latter and reports progress to the DG/Advisor.

  • Identify potential delays, bottle-neck areas as well as the pending items and recommend solutions.


 Bachelor's Degree with 6 years of working experience


Master's Degree with 4 years of working experience


Doctorate wih 1 year of working experience

Qualifications: Business Administration  / any relevant discipline
Other Information:
  • Planning skills

  • Financial Analysis

  • Islamic Finance products such as Cash Waqf Sukuk, 

  • Time management 

  • Effective communication, documentation, and presentation skills

  • Basic financial analysis  and Islamic finance products            

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