IDB2369 - Associate, Paralegal

Business Unit: ITFC
Division: Legal Division
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 17-Nov-2019


This role is responsible for organizing, supporting and coordinating the activities of the ITFC Legal Office. Such activities may include, inter alia, assisting Managers and General Manager in all legal matters relating to the organization, administrative policies and operations of the ITFC, to participate in activities relating to appraisal and negotiation of all agreements, to assist in the legal issues as and when requested by the Managers and General Manager, to prepare legal documents for Board of Directors (BoD) and General Assembly (GA), and to carry out legal work required by the resolutions of BoD and GA.


  • Support Managers and General Manager, and work closely with them on legal matters
  • Administer the Office’s working documents (templates, forms, databases, checklists, etc.)
  • Assist Managers in preparing and reviewing legal documentation (Policies, guidelines, regulations, rules, legal opinions)
  • Draft preliminary versions of legal documents, for review by the General Manager/Legal Counsel
  • Draft, edit and proof-read legal correspondence and ensure correct documents are enclosed prior clearance by the Managers and General Manager
  • Draft initial Administrative Instructions to be issued by the CEO
  • Draft initial resolutions of the Board of Directors, and General Assembly
  • Initial review of the requests received from other Departments by using the checklist cleared by the Senior  Assistant
  • Assist with presentations and other materials for conferences and official meetings
  • Organizing and tracking, with the support of the Senior Assistant, files for important transactions, or case documents
  • Creating and maintaining a contract management database, case-management database, including, but not limited to, track and maintain case procedural details and milestones up-to-date in the system, calendars of events for each case, coordinate with administration and finance team on the closure of case escrow accounts at the end of each case, and on fund balance refunds when appropriate
  • Perform legal research, and contribute to research on foreign laws and assist Managers and General Manager in drafting country legal reports and legal guidance notes
  • Liaising with external, or retained, Law firms/consultants
  • Participate in the Office working groups and committees
  • Provide all para-legal assistance as required by the Office
  • Undertake other ad hoc duties that might be assigned by the Managers and General Manager


Bachelor’s degree in Law

Language Skills:

  • English is compulsory
  • Arabic and French preferred

Years of Experience:

3 years