IDB2792 - Senior Security Applications Specialist

Business Unit: Administration Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Information Management & Disruptive Technology
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 05-Apr-2022

Job Purpose:

The R&D/Data Analyst Specialist specializes and lead research to identify emerging innovative technology approaches/solutions, develops use-cases of emerging technologies relevant to IsDB and aligned with the Bank’s strategy, vision and the President 5 years Program. The R&D/Data Analyst Specialist also supports the Innovation Hub Senior Specialist in implementation plan of the use cases identified for development

Key Accountabilities:

  • Apply machine learning, AI and Big Data solutions, and lead the data analytics practice in IsDB to provide valuable insights, enhance decision making, information sharing and publication, that will improve operational efficiency, drive new revenue and gain competitive advantages
  • Support the evaluation of identified technologies, considering aspects such as time to reach maturity, inherent risk of new technologies (including potential legal implications), fit with IsDB’s architecture, and potential to provide additional value to ensure accurate evaluation.
  • Participate in, and in some cases lead, the proof-of-concept initiatives to test emerging technologies and recommends whether further implementation or roll-out should be considered based on feasibility and potential return on investment for the business. 
  • Coordinate, consult, and partner with third-party and industry experts on emerging technology solutions from research to design to implementation to strengthen the PoCs and implementation
  • Conduct analysis of new requirements with current technical capabilities through workshops with the business stakeholders to assess the need of having a new system or utilizing the current implemented solutions
  • Liaises with business stakeholders to determine and document data source systems, databases, entities and attributes deemed essential for data capture and analysis
  • Analyze the current technology landscape and applications architecture to support the Business Technology Lead in dialogue with the IT Director, the business complexes and senior management
  • Analyze the current MDB and development banking technology ecosystem to support the Business Technology Manager in dialogue with the IT Director, the business complexes and senior management 
  • Supports solution decision making and budgetary through information gathering and analyzing appropriate options, including ‘build versus buy’, sourcing for solution design, maintenance and operation, and cost/benefit analysis
  • Maintains strong understanding of business processes and interfaces by analyzing IsDB’s business data and workflows inputs/outputs and potential business process re-engineering
  • Understands the business/complex’s reports and analytics to better understand key areas of improvement and digitization opportunities
  • Plan, organize and conduct awareness programs of initiatives within the Business Technology throughout IsDBG, Regional Hubs and other MDBs

          Job Requirements:

          Academic qualification :

          Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT or similar field


          Work experience:

          Minimum 5 years’ experience in IT environment with research and BI experience

          Experience in change management and/or training for adoption of use cases developed is an advantage.

          Exploratory skills in new technology particularly those in data analysis






          Skills and Necessary Knowledge:

          • Research and analysis experience through analysis and analytical tools
          • Formation of use cases with PoC implementation
          • Ability to create learning platform for awareness needs
          • Ability to develop dashboards for reporting purposes
          • Certification in BI is an advantage
          • Basic understanding of Big Data, AI and ML

          Job Location:

          Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Office