IDB2672 - Senior Associate, Corporate Performance Management (ICD)

Business Unit: ICD - Islamic Corporation for Development
Division: Corporate Strategy and Transformation ICD
Department: Economic Policy and Strtgy Transformtion
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 06-Oct-2021

Role Purpose:

Implement a corporate performance management framework that covers methodologies and tools for an effective performance planning, monitoring and assessment of the ICD departments.

Key Functional Accountabilities and Activities:

Corporate Strategy and Performance Management:

  • Assist in developing and managing the corporate strategy, financial model preparations, business plan development, and corporate performance framework setting and reporting systems of ICD.
  • Develop and periodically review and follow up departmental and divisional KPIs as well as strategic initiatives/projects with each concerned function, based on the corporate strategy, business plan targets, agreed KPI sheets, and ICD’s Corporate Scorecard.
  • Coordinate the cascading of ICD’s targets into departmental targets consistent with the defined corporate and department strategy and business plans and corporate scorecard.
  • Keep records of reporting process for all departmental and divisional KPIs, working with functions to highlight and contribute in resolving variances from planned targets.
  • Assist in the preparation of the 3-Year and annual business plan of ICD with close collaboration and inputs from each business unit and with usage of the financial modelling.
  • Plan, coordinate and schedule meetings to discuss progress achieved towards ICD’s business plan targets as well as strategic initiatives, and to identify required actions.
  • Collect the operational, portfolio and performance data in order to conduct  empirical analyses and studies for the ICD management.
  • Prepare periodical performance management, strategic initiative and other key reports and presentations for the Manage\ment and the Board..
  • Check internal performance against KPIs and facilitate corrective actions.

Operational Excellence:

  • Check for performance improvement opportunities across ICD that need to be addressed based on performance results and outcomes.
  • Search studies to identify the most suitable methodologies and leading best practices (processes) that can be implemented at ICD.
  • Assist in the preparation of the flagship projects of the SPRD (i.e., ICD Annual Report, Private Sector Development Index, Market Attractiveness Rankings, SMEs Diagnostics, 3-Year Business Plan etc.);
  • Foster knowledge sharing and disseminate relevant information, findings and lessons to increase awareness and knowledge about various strategic and policy initiatives in ICD.
  • Coordinate the organizational improvement and operational excellence initiatives for ICD in coordination with concerned departments as applicable.
  • Assist all departments in implementing operational excellence and process improvement initiative in order to meet the standards set.
  • Promote a culture centred around excellence and performance across ICD through the delivery of regular communications.

Qualifications/ Professional Experience:

  • At least 3 years of experience in corporate strategy (including corporate performance management and business plan preparation) preferably in consulting or another fast-paced, knowledge-based work environment in financial institutions.
  • Strong writing and presentation skills and analytical capabilities, ability to work on financial modeling, use statistical tools in project appraisal, cost‐benefit analysis, market and sector studies and demand projections.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance / Economics / Business Administration, or similar discipline is a must, and Masters/PhD degree is preferable.
  • Relevant professional certification (Accredited Certificates) is a must.
  • Experience in other MDBs’ or regional or global development institutions is an added advantage

Language Skills:

Capable of communicating in two of the working languages (Arabic, English and French) of which English is a must.