IDB2984 - Senior Innovation Hub Specialist

Business Unit: Director General Corporate Services
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Information Management & Disruptive Technology
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 04-Apr-2023

Job Purpose:

Implement the design and development of technology innovation solutions and services for IsDB with the aim to enhance digital maturity, expand the use of innovation hubs throughout the organization and also sharing of the usage of the hubs by other MDBs. Responsible for all aspects of technology digital and innovation projects within IsDB, from R&D and prototyping to designing and implementation in the innovation hub. 

Key Accountabilities:

  • Establish, lead and grow the innovation hub and required processes in place for operationalization within IMDT and expansion for use to other complexes, group members, regional hubs and Country Programs related initiatives to support the President’s P5P strategy particularly in areas affecting emerging technology.
  • Identify, select either through collaboration across IMDT, business complexes, other MDBs, or through internal research work with the Business Technology division, and manage implementation of selected use cases through in-house, other IMDT divisions, third party service provider or other innovation hub partners in other organizations, to ensure outcomes from the PoC and/or trials and pilots are as expected.
  • Perform and coordinate the research and development work and industry research to identify technology adoption either through emerging technology, existing technology of business process re-engineering of selected use cases to strengthen IMDT’s role as Business enabler and Business Supporter
  • Execute and coordinate proof-of-concepts, trials and pilots of emerging technologies, identifies opportunities and any issues, and determines whether further implementation should be considered based on feasibility and potential return of investment in support of the business
  • Perform his activity considering the Innovation Hub as a technology and information management center of excellence for the showcasing and delivery of IsDB technology innovation, with capabilities for partner organizations to research, design and test innovative solutions for IsDB to expand the usage of data/information as knowledge in IsDB
  • Initiate collaboration with business complexes either through new ideas or through the solution delivery division to understand the IsDB’s interest and potential for adopting new technology innovations and focus awareness efforts on the most opportunistic technology innovations to enhance IsDB’s digitization path or streamline across existing technology
  • Provide feedback to the Enterprise Architect on emerging technology platforms to be aligned as part of IMDT’s architectural pillars where relevant
  • Evaluate identified technologies, considering aspects such as time to reach maturity, inherent risk of new technologies (including potential legal implications), fit with IsDB’s architecture, and potential to provide additional value
  • Consult subject matter experts (internal or external) where needed to confirm research findings or as a source of information on emerging technologies and communicates viable innovation opportunities into the IMDT strategy and enterprise architecture processes.
  • Establish partnership with third party digital solution vendors and incubators to accelerate delivery of digital and innovative solutions to IsDB’s business complexes.
  • Lead innovation project and create and manages success metrics. Once mature, transfer these projects to the operations team that will ensure these projects follow the IT Service Management lifecycle.
  • Support planning of annual budget based on innovation projects derived across internal and external parties, and cost of maintenance of deployed projects 
  • Support or conduct discussions with business complexes senior management on related areas of Business Technology for prioritization of use-cases, budget, business process reengineering to support any implementation or any other related discussions to achieve the outcome required 

Education, Experience & Certification:

Academic and professional qualifications: 

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Business field. 
  • 8+ years of Information Technology experience 

Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

  • Hands-on experience in technology innovation, proof of concepts and prototyping 
  • Creativity within application development with agile development experience 
  • Highly adaptable to change 
  • Experience as a Business Analyst or Solution Architect will be a plus
  • Hands-on experience in building digital products and services


  • English ( Mandatory )
  • Arabic ( Preferred )
  • French ( Preferred )