IDB3000 - Data Governance, Policy and Awareness Senior Specialist

Business Unit: Director General Corporate Services
Division: IT Strategy & Governance
Department: Information Management & Disruptive Technology
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 25-Apr-2023

Job Purpose:

Responsible for IsDB wide data governance framework and IMDT policy development, design, implementation and maintenance. Provide knowledge and experience to implement IsDB data governance practices, frameworks, IMDT policies, standards, tools, processes, policies and projects to capture, control, protect and deliver the value of both data and information as an organizational asset as well as deliver quality IT services. The Data Governance, Policy and Awareness Senior Specialist develops appropriate awareness campaigns and educating materials for IsDB globally, IsDB staff and contractors considering appropriate mechanisms for each recipient and measures the effectiveness of each campaign.


Key Accountabilities:

  • Coordinate with key stakeholders across IsDB and IMDT to determine future data governance framework and IMDT policy requirements including amendments and additions to documentation. Ensure relevant subject-matter experts support the development of data governance practices and IMDT policies.
  • Establish a network with key stakeholders throughout IsDB to understand risks and business objectives. Monitor the top risks to IsDB and identify framework and policy requirements needed to mitigate those risks.
  • Coordinate and manage the implementation of the data governance plans, architecture, frameworks and artefacts to ensure data governance across IsDB. 
  • Define business-related data quality rules, perform measurements and set performance targets to maintain the quality of the data collected and stored by applying data quality monitoring and validation processes (adherence with acceptability, dashboards, reports, logs and tracks issues), and document the monitoring results for data quality improvement and accountability purposes.
  • Support and advise the business, and the relevant stakeholders during execution of any data compliance initiative, on compliance with international and country/region-specific data protection laws, monitor the adherence to the defined data governance and IMDT policies and standards, assist in defining corrective actions, and act as a point of contact on data subjects to ensure implemented data initiatives and corrective actions are properly governed to raise overall data governance. 
  • Engage with business and with IT to acquire the functional knowledge to define and operate IsDB Data Governance and Data Management practices covering Data Strategy, Metadata, Data Governance, Data Management, Data Analytics, Data Architecture, Data Quality, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Flow, Data Lifecycle / Linage Management in line with DAMA PMBOK2 principles and common practices.
  • Ensure that the critical data elements (CDEs) maintained in the metadata repository and comply with the data governance / quality framework (i.e. that they have business rules/data quality standards associated to them) and liaison with data owners and consumers for that purpose. Work with data owners, data stewards, DQ developers to analyze and translate business needs into a data quality management architecture.
  • Participate in the analysis, evaluation and development of long-term strategic and operating plans to ensure that data governance objectives are consistent with IsDB’s long-term business objectives.
  • Coordinate with IT technical team to incorporate data controls, validation and data quality inspection and reporting into application/systems software development life cycle and analyze business requirements and ensure having these translated into implications for information provisioning. Ensure the implementation of processes, techniques and technologies for organizing and governing data.
  • Execute data management projects delivery in adherence with data governance practices.
  • Support IsDB data cleansing activities and subsequent analysis of the cleansed data. Analyze the data at micro and macro levels to ensure data integrity, consistency and accuracy. 
  • Acquire, deploy and use the appropriate tools to cleanse IsDB data and to analyze the cleansed data using dashboards to demonstrate the results of data cleaning analysis. 
  • Scope, design and execute the awareness campaigns to meet targeted goals. Lead the creation and procurement of awareness deliverables and learning content, leveraging various mechanisms for effective delivery in IsDB, measure the usage of the content and its effectiveness, and develop metrics
  • Raise awareness through conducting meetings (i.e. committees, working groups) to support IsDB departments understand and execute enterprise wide data governance responsibilities, and ensure data governance frameworks, policies, processes, and procedures are defined and implemented across the organization, and to ensure accuracy, completeness, integrity and consistency of IsDB data.
  • Provide guidance, develop, manage and implement a positive awareness programs for (data governance, standards, frameworks, information security, policies, processes, procedures) focused on improving positive behaviors to the business users, technical users, contractors, new hire orientation, and stakeholders.
  • Measure and report of awareness campaign effectiveness based on quizzes and tests. Ensure that the awareness programs and campaigns are effectively changing behaviors, refining program design and execution as required.


Education, Experience & Certification:

Academic and professional qualifications:

• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Management Information Technology, Statistics, Data Analytics, Information Security, Engineering or similar field

• Total minimum 8 years of experience with practical experience with data governance function or enterprise data governance, policy management and common IT industry standards 

Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

▪  Relevant Data Architecture, Data Governance, BI \ Analytics and Content Management knowledge

▪ Enterprise Data and Information Strategy

▪ Experience working with common information security standards, such as: ISO 27001/27002, NIST, PCI DSS, ITIL, COBIT

▪ Adoption and Change management knowledge

▪ Analytical conceptual thinking and problem solving

▪ Experience in developing and implementing processes, policies and procedures and work methods

▪ Preferred experience working in a global team, and working in a global virtual environment

▪ Project management experience is an advantage

▪ Negotiation, Organizing and Communications skills


  • English ( Required )
  • French ( Preferred )
  • Arabic ( Preferred )