IDB3010 - Corporate Procurement Officer

Business Unit: Director General Corporate Services
Division: Corporate Procurement
Department: Administrative Services Department
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 14-May-2023

Job Role:

To perform Corporate Procurement responsibilities such as solicitate, evaluate and selection for the received quotations based
on Direct and Competitive Procurement, along with his/her role to create/issue POs and follow up on delivery and vendor
performance, in accordance with the IsDB’s corporate procurement policy, standards, and procedures, to ensure timely
completion of tasks, according to the procurement principles and value of money to the Bank.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Prepare the biddings establishments, post them on the concerned medium, follow up on the responses and give continuous feedback to the manager about the responses to be able to take necessary and quick action.
  • Float RFX’s as per the requisition, receive quotes / proposals / information compare them and make right selection of vendors following the procurement policies.
  • Prepares Purchase Orders (PO), check their conformity to the contracts, place them on the system and send them to the vendor in a timely manner to ensure receiving materials / services on time and accurately to protect the Bank from any risk of over-payment.
  • Train and support other departments on the procurement process to raise awareness to ensure the concerned apply the processes in the right, transparent, efficient and ethical ways.
  • Monitor the payments to suppliers of goods and services against invoices received from the suppliers to ensure the accuracy of IsDB payments and protect the Bank from paying for unfinished services.
  • Follow up on the vendors’ performance and the quality of his services, update the relevant records, and report any discrepancy to protect the Bank from paying for unfinished or non-conform services.
  • Conduct market research for special procurement requests for IsDB and stay abreast of the potential local/international suppliers and consultants to be proactive in fulfilling internal clients’ needs.
  • Ensure that the ERP system is working smoothly for providing un-interrupted service and arrange periodic review and maintenance of the system with the help of IMDT.


3 years of experience in procurement, contract administration and
supply chain management in large organisation. Experience in
MDB would be preferred.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration / Finance /
    Accounting / Economics or any relevant field. Master’s degree
    would be desirable.
  • Procurement related certification CIPS, CPM, CPSM etc.


  • English • Mandatory
  • Arabic • Mandatory
  • French • Preferred