Our Values

Have the end in mind and every step will be purposeful.

Find your uniqueness a place at IsDB, where we are as diverse as the people we serve.

We serve the mission of elevation lives and helping the ones who need it the most. Integrity is embedded into every task we approach.

The Employee Model

It was created to help mainstream the behavior and competency we strive to achieve on all levels of function.

As an Impact Maker, we put our Client – the communities we serve – first.

Decision making on all levels should center around the model.

Meet the Impact Makers

“A supportive environment with people who will always be a good source for understanding international development challenges”

Country Manager, Country Relations and Services

“Diverse community with lots of innovative ideas and resources”

Science and Technology Specialist

“I had opportunities to be involved in wonderful projects and initiatives that help social and economic development of communities”

Project Officer

  Life in Jeddah

Jeddah is the most happening city in Saudi Arabia. It has a world heritage Red Sea architecture, a diverse landscape from desserts to the coastlines, a central hub for high fashion brands and the historical plaza in the city’s downtown. With having one of the highest population of expats in the kingdom, it is a true cultural melting pot of the nation with having something for everyone to do.