What is the IsDB Young Professionals Program (YPP)?

The Young Professionals Program (YPP) is an entry level talent development program that equips you with the knowledge, skills, and network for a fulfilling career in international development.

Our diversity is focused on ensuring a space for all.

Key features of the program include:

24-months professional

Job rotation at IsDB HQ
& Regional Hubs

Guaranteed employment
upon successful completion of the program

What is different about IsDB YPP?

You’ll be part of a global network of IsDB professionals who are helping to promote sustainable development in our 57-Member Countries & in Muslim communities in non-Member Countries.

Within your first months at the Bank, you’ll be involved in real development projects, driving innovation, establishing partnerships. and leveraging Islamic Finance instruments to deliver value to our stakeholders.

When you join the IsDB YPP program, you’ll be joining a unique career development experience that will stretch you to fulfill the IsDB mission of empowering people for a sustainable future.

More importantly, you’ll witness the impact of your work on the ground whilst growing personally and professionally with other like-minded professionals.

What are the benefits of joining IsDB YPP?

Internationally Competitive Tax Free Salary
Group Personal Accident Insurance
Education Grants For Kids
Annual Tickets To/From the home Country
Medical Coverage for the staff and dependents (including parents)

How will IsDB support my Career Growth?

IsDB is committed to developing YPs to their highest potential when they join the Bank.

The following are some of the YPP career development opportunities:

Professional Experience

When you join the IsDB you’ll be involved in professional-level work from your first assignment making real contribution to the IsDB.

Field Rotation

All YPs are expected to complete at least one rotation at one of IsDB Regional Hubs and Offices developing a deeper connection with our beneficiaries.


YPs will be expected to travel on missions to Member Countries for various assignments. This leads to exponential learning and personal growth.


A robust 2-year training curriculum is put in place for all YPs for both technical and Behavioral training. Some trainings are accredited by top Professional Institutions.

Coaching and Mentoring

YPs will be assigned career advisors to help them navigate their careers within IsDB. Moreover, each YP's cohort will be part of a group coaching experience to fast-track their development.
In addition to the above, upon successful completion of the program. YPs will join IsDB High Potential Talent Pool for further career growth and development in the Bank beyond the YPP.

Eligibility Criteria

a) Minimum Requirements

Prospective candidates for the YPP must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • Education: Hold a minimum Master’s degree in any discipline that is relevant to the Bank from a highly reputed University. Candidates who are pursuing a Master’s degree are eligible to apply if the degree will be awarded before the start date of the YPP Program. Master's degree obtained less than 4 years from the application deadline.
  • Citizenship: Be a citizen of a member-country of the IsDB (however. up to 25% of selected candidates from each cohort can be from Muslim communities in non-Member Countries).
  • Language: Excellent oral and written communication skills in English. Good command over one the Bank’s other operating languages (Arabic or French) will be viewed favorably.
  • Age: 32 years or younger by the deadline of the application.
  • Be willing to live in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and travel to undertake country assignments as per business requirements (including rotation to an IsDB Regional Hub).
  • Display a commitment and passion for IsDB mission and its model of development.

b) Additional Considerations

In addition to the above minimum criteria, prospective candidates who have the following will be given priority:

  • Achieved a Pass with Distinction or Merit or Honors in their Master’s program. Candidates still pursuing their Master’s degree shall submit their latest transcripts that display outstanding academic standing.
  • Recipient of IsDB Scholarship.
  • Trilingual: Good command of Arabic and/or French.
  • Possess or pursuing a Professional Certification or a PhD from a reputable institution in a relevant field.
  • Relevant professional working experience in any of the IsDB’s core sectors.

c) Preferred Specializations

The Young Professional Program is dedicated to attracting and nurturing the brightest graduates across a wide range of specializations. While we welcome applications from individuals with diverse academic backgrounds including Economics, Finance and Engineering, we particularly encourage graduates from the following fields to apply, as they will receive preferential consideration during our rigorous selection process.

  • Data Science/ Artificial Intelligence
  • Climate Change
  • Agriculture Economics/Engineering
  • Islamic Finance
  • Transportation
  • Urban Planning
  • International Development/ Development Evaluation
  • Youth and Gender Studies
  • Economics
  • PPP, Investment & Fund Management
  • Education
  • Public Health Management

How’s life in Jeddah for a Young Professional?

Jeddah, known as “the Bride of the Red Sea”, is a historic and cultural city that is the main link to the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah.

A dynamic, cosmopolitan city with numerous shopping districts, sophisticated restaurants. and beautiful beaches and corniche seaside, the city is always awake and never tedious or dull.

There’s something for everyone in Jeddah and with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision. Jeddah is positioned to become the next key hub in the region.

For young families, Jeddah provides a perfect setting to raise children, with high quality international schools. entertainment options, and an Islamic cultural environment.

How do I apply?

The YPP application is simple yet competitive. Throughout the application process, you’ll need to demonstrate a passion and commitment to development, have proven academic success, and a willingness to pursue a career at IsDB.

Step 1

Ensure you meet our minimum eligibility criteria

Step 2

Complete application form

Step 3

Complete additional assessments

Step 4

Attend YPP Assessment & Interviews at IsDB HQ

Step 5

Sign the YPP contract and get ready to join us!



Application period


Review of applications to ensure that candidates meet the eligibility criteria. Update of status to all candidates (candidates moving to the second round and those who are not moving forward)


Technical review of second-round candidates, which takes a closer look into the application packages and determines which candidates will be selected for interviews and the assessment day. Status update to candidates (those invited to interviews and those who are not moving forward).


Interviews/assessment days are scheduled at ISDB headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Decisions and offers are communicated.


New YP cohort starts

During the past, we have accepted an average of 15 to 25 Young Professionals into the Program every year.
Yes, as long as you will have obtained your master’s degree by the time of taking up duty in the Bank.
Candidates must have acquired their Master’s degree less than 4 years from the start of the program.
There is no flexibility in the age requirement. Applicants should not be more than 32 years old upon joining the YP program.

The age limit will be extended by the length of the obligatory military service.

Those who have not been subjected to mandatory military service will be expected to fulfill the original eligibility criteria.

Yes, you do not need to have any working experience to apply for the YPP.

However, candidates with relevant professional experience or a Doctorate degree will have a higher chance of selection.

No. Selected candidates are expected to take up duty as a cohort on the official start date of the program in September/October.
Yes, applicants from non-member IsDB Countries may apply for the YPP.
Please contact us with questions at ypp@isdb.org. If you are experiencing problems with your online application, please check your browser first and send us an email, including the name of the Program and the nature of the problem.